You may have heard of proposition 65 or as everyone else calls it “garbage Californian idiot laws”. Everyone wants to sit there and think that they can go to a burger joint and safely eat a french fry and not worry about the warning that states “reproductive harm and birth defects” The masses of ignorant consumers want to eat fast food soaked in Monsanto genetic poisoned fake syrup and ketchup and expect no foul play by the monopoly with vast networks of connections to politicians who can easily write up a seemingly fake liberal California standard to inform you of reproductive harm.

There are sick weird liars out there literally trying to say “everything gives you cancer so who really cares” or “Politicians shouldn’t write laws about things they know nothing about.” These people are tongue chewing fools who eat fast food burgers and fries for their main nutrition of the day. I understand though as the masses of folks out there don’t understand what is or isn’t a carcinogen and that there’s different severity to different carcinogens. People live in denial about things they don’t care to understand.

The company “Fender” known for making decent guitars. Some of the most well known guitar players like that Jimi Hendrix or Richie Blackmore fancied the Fender Stratocaster. This guy tells you to “…ignore it” like everyone else does about warnings of reproductive harm.
This man is clearly lying on behalf of corporations linking to some article to propagandize his lying point instead of bringing any info to the table. Everyone wants joke that everything gives you cancer? When in all reality it would probably be cheaper and very easy to turn our country around and make things with materials more compatible for human use. After all nobody is in the market for a guitar that says “reproductive harm” without even specifying what carcinogen is used. These corporation’s future depend on your incompetence.

All of this research and confusion just to make a simple purchase on a guitar. What if someone wants to get a nice pink starter guitar for their little daughter, it will say “reproductive harm”? Is that really something where you’ll want to take the chance? After all it costs a couple hundred bucks just to acquire a lowest of the low class of guitars and they will actually make you spend thousands on guitars that they can’t spend the extra money as a corporation to make it carcinogen free

There is no “cancer free option” the last time I checked wood and metal doesn’t cause cancer… This is not America as it should be if the corporations are passing laws to make it your fault that you died miserably of cancer because after all they did warn you. I guess if your dumb enough to be eating ice cream with corn syrup, pizza with corn syrup filled sauce with the dough made from Glyphosate drenched GMO wheat…

If your dumb enough to drink coffees at every dunkin you find where they get the coffee from South america who has different laws regarding the spraying of chemicals. Who preventatively spray coffee, nuts, chocolate with another herbicide called Chlorothylenil. (Another hideous herbicide banned in the EU) then your dumb enough to keep consuming garbage forever and die washed up and obese.

so why do American children get plagued with such problems? Where is all of the american foods? Obviously nowhere except within the communist owned grocery stores who control your very world as who is it other than those who wear red that makes us wear masks at the stores over United Nations information.

All of these stores order the garbage food for you to keep giving money to frauds who have a clear agenda. It is the time now more than ever to plant a garden and to purchase some chickens. To spread the word at least that our bodies just cant handle the poisoned soda beer and junk food. Monosodium glutamate? I’ve yet to see a single grocery store who cares about what they order on the catalogue in the back room. Its because they get delivered what they get delivered and there’s no way you’ll ever change it.

The articles from “” don’t seem to load for me…
They claim its this “acrylamide” when there’s another carcinogen called “clorothylenil” in any inorganic coffee. We are not talking about a small amount either. These are the same coffee shops offering sweet n low sugar which is an artificial sweetener. They don’t buy organic coffee and have no problem profiting off of your death and addiction. Like a drug dealer.

The corporations don’t care and any small business who dares sells Doritos and make deli foods with total stranger mentality of making money selling garbage cheap food and soda while pretending they are some kind of pillar of the community for even existing.

WI added a link to this episode of a show called SuperJail. This show’s theme song is made by a band called Cheeseburger where the theme lyrics go ” Life on the outside ain’t what it used to be. You know the world’s gone crazy and it ain’t safe on the street. ah it’s a dragging I know but there’s only one place to go im coming home oh yeah im coming home”

It’s hard to tell what is what out there sometimes as things may seem natural but there are some things you should seriously watch out for.

1.)Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

2.)High fructose corn syrup/corn syrup/corn syrup solids

3.)inorganic corn and wheat.


The corn and wheat and other crops are being genetically modified and sold at the stores with where all employees wear red and black. Where the so called “organic brands” show a mocking rising sun.

Or the red star on the safest seeming drinks at the store
Do you feel comfort drinking and eating products with known communist symbols like a red star, rising sun, wheat…etc..

Do you really go to the store and not think for a moment that all of your food could be poisoned drugged, chemical sprayed? Who really knows as now the stores are closed to people without masks and they want us to buy our groceries online? Sounds to me like soon we’ll have no choice on what we eat ever again like a horrible totalitarian nightmare unless the people can realize what is going on and realistically counter it by investing however possible into self sufficiency and the means to defend such investments. It’s time to get serious about our lives,family,country, work, and plans for the future. America is a country of freedom and prosperity. Not red communism and slavery.

It’s all there in history. Can you keep living in denial? Now your forced to wear masks in the stores who sell you poisoned food and call it fine and good. The workers don’t care they will keep wearing masks because they think people wearing red and black and face coverings are heroes to us in our eyes. They are poisoned too and probably either don’t know or don’t care. Everyone needs a job and nobody hates people for doing them. It would help if

All of our government are clearly doing the opposite of what their jobs actually are. Our own “elected officials” treat us all like dirt. They work day and night to rape and exploit America. There is not a single one of them who isn’t a complete fraud. These “elected officials” should be required by law to wear on badges what corporations they are affiliated with. There would be so many to count per person.

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