The corporations have always hurt, controlled, and blinded you and your children. You have to learn to live without video games and TV. Same for any TV cell phone and computers which are dangerous because of the obvious addicting aspects and the blue light from the screens. The extended time on any LED will wear you down until you lose your soul. Everyone knows how soul sucking this technology is but never wants to give it up. The more people consciously come to this realization and at least strictly limit their LED use and only use it for productive purposes for small amounts of time in the daytime, never at night as it will disrupt your Melatonin processes in the brain and prevent you from sleeping. It is widely known information. I remember being told by a teacher in elementary school that you can’t sleep if you were on the phone looking at the screen for at least an hour before. This is true as your brain is being tricked by these lights and the children get the worst damage from this clearly because they are still growing and developing and they will not grow much at all if they cant sleep all night.

All of our souls and many of these souls being children and teenagers hang in the balance. The eyes are important and the children don’t understand why they can’t sleep so maybe its about time for people to consider raising their children for real. What parent hands their baby an ipad because they are such degenerate losers that they can’t even be bothered by their own child? They don’t know how to teach their children even the basics and allow their kids to be ruined in the public education system which is now all at home on “google classrooms” on chrome books that have LED lights. Imagine if you were going to school normally and then forced to go on some creepy Google computer program. It’s disgusting that people act like their forced to do this by law and piss themselves before the corporations dooming their very existence.