Mike Pompeo claims enormous evidence that the virus came from the laboratory in Wuhan China months after Alex Jones has already been circulating rumors about a Bio Weapons lab in china being the origin of the virus. The liberal’s media claimed the virus occured naturally from bat feces, claiming that their pictures videos and graphs are irrefutable
So once the patriots catch wind that Trump will blame China, cut funding to the WHO, and is starting to criticize the democrats for lockdowns and supporting protests means that this is all over and we will finally feel great American victory. There is no victory in being told what to think and do.
Styx jokes “#savethebats” while he posted daily corona virus updates about how we’re all gonna die and how the WHO “better declare a global pandemic” knowing that the people who watch his content at this point are brainwashed and have no memory. Teenagers, Satanists, potheads. He knew that his pathetic audience that repeat his garbage all over the internet would do exactly that.
WHO “finally declares emergency” Styxhexenhammers666 could at least come clean about his agenda which is eugenics. He flat out supports classic Eugenic philosophy. For years I’ve watched as he claimed to be an america first libertarian but the truth is he must have something personal against the people of this country if he’s telling you that we need the WHO to declare emergencies over a fake virus that not one person has truly proved the existence of. That you should get a poison mercury filled corporate manufactured vaccine from some freemason globalist pharmacy like Walgreens or Cvs. Im sure grand master styx meant to visit the trust worthy doctors office who are also freemasons and sellouts to big pharma. Styx and alex Jones basically started telling their fans to stay inside months earlier than the government and state media said to.
Rex Jones posted this back in November and it’s relevant to the topic at hand as he says “when the chinese attack us” preconditioning any conservative to think these things. Even if this were true, it was certainly said in a specific way.
A screenshot of a new york times tweet about COVID in New York mocking you that 3,700 people presumed dead from covid. Always admitting that they mark any death as COVID death. This is all a hoax plain and simple.
This is a masonic code that has been recurring in all of the mainstream media articles.
This is Rainbow’s album “Difficult to Cure”. This is clearly predictive programming. The Orange text is a masonic code. Masks gloves and psychotic grins. Familiar with this sight?
Stay home and play video games as if it’s not obvious
I’ve only ever seen Robert Barnes on Infowars
This is propaganda to make you think its unsafe to get groceries normally without being dressed in mask and gloves. Puts up the devil horns. People are allowed to hug their families and love and kiss them.

A picture of Madonn
David Icke is apparently some kind of hero because he was recently censored off of YouTube even though he’s as old as he is, popular, successfully sold many books and is a household name at this point. Him and Alex Jones swear a virus exists but at a low death rate. Hasn’t anybody wondered why they call it all a hoax but refuse to go all the way? Why they obscure the truth in such a way? Not once will they say the virus doesn’t exist or consider before their listeners that

Filson equals 33 in reverse single reduction and reverse full reduction. Equals 22 in Septenary like 22 fragments of the skull or the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. He has this picture ot a space man on Earth saying that some day the Earth will be inhabitable and that people will be wearing this.
Deep purple came out with an album a week ago with this masonic mirror image “space man symbology” the reverse view turns the two E’s in “Deep” to a 33. “Deep” like the waters of the deep. You could see in its mirror image it showcases the date 9/33 as zero means nothing in numerology. If you simply subtract 3 from the date 9/33 it comes out to 9/30 to add back to find a coded date of October 3rd. It could also be seen as September 3rd 2030 or September 2033. Maybe all of these dates are important.
(TheOccult significance behind this album cover.)
Styx when he realized he’s enveloped in the ways of Evil Side. He has chosen the path of pain.



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