Donald Trump ran on restoring the second amendment, pulling out of costly bloody wars, deporting illegal aliens and building a wall on our southern border. He ran and won his campaign for presidency because making America great again sounds far greater than the alternative of Hillary Clinton saying that we should have “open trade and open borders”. Obviously ideas like that can not work if we are to have our beautiful America.

Our president has yet to pull us out of afganistan which means we are still involved with the international heroin trade. This is also the true reason there is any United States interest in Iran. It has nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. Why would our crosshairs be on Iran other than the fact that the commitee of 300 wants the American people to fight a mercenary war once again to complete their global drug monopoly?

“To the oligarchs and plutocrats of the committee of 300, drugs have a two fold purpose; first, to bring in colossal sums of money and second, to eventually turn a major part of the population into mindless drug zombies who will be easier to control than people who dont need drugs. Punishment for rebellion against the One World Government that is coming, will be withholding supplies of heroin, cocaine, and marijuana, and will be a potent deterrent. It is necessary to legalize drugs so that a MONOPOLY SYSTEM, which is to be readied, can be introduced, once severe economic conditions, (of which the 1991 depression is a forerunner), intensify drug usage. The committee anticipates that hundreds of thousands of permanantly jobless workers will turn to drugs for solace; at least that is the scenario presented by at least three of its major think tanks for coping the the millions of unemployed.” – The Conspirators Hierarchy: The Comittee Of 300 4th edition page 197 and 198

The media and the government is already trying to false flag us into Iran even though Trump promised the children of America that together we would rebuild our once proud nation, instead of rebuilding the crumbling roads he rebuilt the military which would’nt be a bad thing if our soliders weren’t to be used abroad fighting to protect the opium for evil international drug cartels. Our soliders who don’t really care about the decent things like Honor or Integrity gladly partake in this bloody mercenary work to “defend your freedom” Meanwhile our country is still falling apart and our president who promised to fix these horrible problems stemming from globalism itself, an idealogy he supposedly opposes but aids every single day. To blame the border crisis on the democrats is pathetic when he can use military funding to build the wall. To allow sanctuary cities to stay in place and to read out stories of young american girls being raped and murdered in our land for political jabs at the democrats is disgusting when you said you will allow it to get worse so the democrats get blame when its out of control instead of following through and “send in the feds”.

President Trump came out in wake of the El Paso and Dayton shootings to commit a horrible betrayal of the American people. He condenns white supremacy, promises strong backround checks on gun purchases, and red flag laws. Donald J Trump the man who painted himself as the only man who will defend the second amendment and free speech.

He says he is going to work with social media firms to develope tools to track hate and to arrest people for hate crimes with sped up due process. Red flag laws where any person can report you if they see “early warning signs” These are all totalitarian ideas and trump is just a democrat in disquise. Just as those before him did he lied to become president and coldheartedly betrayed the American people.

Trump is allowing the degradation demoralization, and destruction of white Americans and western values when he sides with democrats in their campaign of hatred against whites. President Trump is allowing the plans of the New World Order One World Government to take place by targeting white supremacy yet jewish surpemacy, muslim supremacy, and black supremacy is rampant and not even considered to be a problem. Why is it that White supremacy above all else is evil and will “warp and twist the mind” but a jew believing that him and his people are chosen by god because they believe they have blood of ancient isrealites is not warped and twisted? Why are only white people in america subject to this government backed scrutiny? How come Candace Owens got to become a celebrity just because some BLEXIT media circus. What did that whole BLEXIT thing accomplish? Nothing. Just a bunch of black people in room at the white house. What about a white gathering at the white house? Is it because white people are discouraged from expressing pride of their race in america now? How come Kanye West ever showed up for a meeting with trump and it got even the likes of Alex Jones calling for reperations. Simply another media show. Why do these sick celebrities feed off of us?

Why does all of the propaganda promote drug usage, interratial breeding, and LGBTQ agendas? Why do they want everyone in america to be “gay, trans, queer” To bring down western civilization. There are femimizing, sterilizing, and DNA damaging chemicals in the bottled water that me and just about every american were forced to endure. In a disgusting chemical assault on the people, Genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, plastic bottles that secrete feminizing DNA damaging chemicals all are being used to destroy the men of America.

It is all to bring about destruction and chaos unimaginable. The committee will use all the tools they have at their disposal to bring about a one world government. That involves brainwashing, breeding experments, eugenics, propaganda, religion, banking, indoctrination, and monopoly control over all food and necessities. They will continuesly use race and religion to cause pointless hate between people who are a world away from each other anyways. We should prepare for a bizzarre future where you will not be allowed to get married, have children, relax, eat normal food, walk around without your manual drug injection or live a normal life outside of slavery. As Americans we should be working on getting land and becoming self sustainable in preperation for the coming cataclysm.

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