The origional interveiw.

Dr. Michael Aquino breaks down 9/11 in this very interesting interview. This is the Bombshell of the century. It seems as the colonel nears the end of his life he is not so afraid to tell the truth in hopes he may redeem his soul or (Mind Star) as he calls it. His theories on air ionization for the manipulation of brain chemistry is being carried out today decades after he wrote his famous paper mindwar.

Later MindWar was revised and rewritten.

911 was a Masonic Ritual.

Dual thirty three’s, just like below.

The sigil of Baphomet on brother henry C. clausen’s hat.
Satanist Aleister crowley in his freemasonic regalia.
gerald ford with the sigil of Baphomet on his tie.

“”””””””‘”””” \/

gerald ford in the masonic lodge
someone in an interveiw asked if he had a nickname
And he said the only nick name he had ever gone by was “mike”
IxxI is roman numerals for 911.
the mic on the left is 9 and the mic on the right is 11.
plane must hit steel.
Your own Individual isolate consciousness is the the only thing external to the (4th Dimension) Linear time prison we exist on within this material reality. The Fifth dimension according to Dr. Aquino is an Aetherial individual dimension we exist in seperate from each other and this is why we have subjective veiw points separate from the (OU) [objective universe] or our collective fourth dimensional physical reality. He says if you can realize these things, ye can be as gods.

the individual must rescue conciousness.
Here we can see the man openly identify’s with national socialism.
the order of the fraturnus Saturni.
Michael has also admitted to having freemasonic lineage.
Peter h. Gilmore despises him.

He openly admits where his theories are sourced from, And he makes no bones about it.
Manly palmer hall always knew the mystery schools and socialism where
The same, the same(The Same).
Aleksandr dugin the national Bolshevik.
The sixfold star.
Oak leaf symbolism.


Sunrise on Jerusalem.
Oak leaves around the left side.

Reinhard Gehlen was a knight of Malta.
fasces on both sides of honest Abe.
symbols of fascism in the U.S. senate.
100% fabricated.
this handsign certainly doesn’t mean “i love you” it means several things one has to do with
Satanism. And one meaning is that your an occult insider.
The old egyptian god set.
The streets of Washington D.C.
Military contractor’s use the open pentagram.
Deeply connected to hollywood. he’s seen here with sammy davis junior.
sammy davis jr. Was a knight of Malta

Alex voices the ancient mystic pillar.
In this video i turn through the page’s of a common acid freak’s attempt at creating some kind
of cyber psychonaught ideology.
Oliver stones son hosts this interveiw.
Sean Stone.
All elections are decided from before they begin
Bush and kerry are both Skull and bones
“See you at the polls” they say
Because thats all they are.
off to become one of the nation’s first
Space intelligence officer’s.

Michael aquino’s defense lawyer and president
donald trumps lawyer.
This series of interveiw’s is an elaborate psyop in itself. › assetPDF
Occult Criminal Investigation

Washington D.C. has always been controlled by nothing more than
blood drinking satanic organizations.
We can conclude, without a shout of a doubt that the Revolution In Military Affairs (RMA) is only the remanifestation of soviet future warfare theories. › …PDF
The Counterrevolution in Military Affairs – Air University

Sogang University › home › …PDF
An Introduction to the Revolution in Military Affairs › filesPDF
Mikhail Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky (1893–1937): Practitioner and Theorist of War › …PDF
Battlefield of the Future: 21st Century Warfare Issues – Air University › viewPDF
toward a theory of hybrid warfare: the russian conduct of … – Homeland Security Digital Library

RAND Corporation › pubsPDF
The Russian Way of Warfare: A Primer – RAND Corporation

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