You may already see them, the little white boxes sticking out on metal poles above the street lights. Perhaps you saw the cylindrical model on the very top of the telephone pole, or on top of your local gas station. Every 4-6 telephone pole has or will have an ugly box sticking out of the side. What you are seeing is 5G. This entire operation deserves a close look, honest research, and worry. On October 25, 2018 President Trump issues the presidential Memorandum developing a sustainable spectrum strategy for America’s future.

Since that day President Trump remained committed to making sure the United states of America is the leading global “race to 5G”. Most disturbingly Newt Gingrich (Former Speaker of the House) has been peddling 5G as if the future of the nation depended on it. Giving fake reasons for why it is being deployed. He sits on Facebook live or his “Newt’s World” podcast saying that surgeons need to be able to operate on you from 100 miles away. This goes hand and hand with the other reasons we must have this tech. Self driving cars, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality.

The implications of what the millimeter wave systems on the health of human beings is staggering. The facts are simple, WiFi and 4G already affects your health every day. According to Dr. Edward Group in his article from October 2nd 2015 he outlines the blatant and provable health risks involved with WiFi usage and electromagnetic frequency (EMF).

Our president and everyone else, the republicans, the democrats, all are fighting a fake battle with each other over 5G. Not one politician in this land seems the least bit concerned with the fact that all of America will have their brains fried in the name of smart cities, National Security, and fast connection. They are interested in having once and for all a true subservient surf class. These 5G boxes are and will be used to brainwash the masses and hurt your body with carcinogenic and mutagenic millimeter waves. The mainstream media paints a picture with our actor politicians of some sort of competition between nationalization and private sector business. They turn it into a fight about money and security concerns regarding to entities like China. Technology like these are too dangerous to exist and is undoubtedly being used to watch us closely and give us horrible cancer.

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